For most people hearing loss happens very slowly over time. You might start to miss the odd word or think someone said one thing when they actually said something else. Your brain is quite clever and is able to guess what has been said but with a hearing loss it sometimes gets it wrong.

You may have to turn the TV up louder than your family would like and even then it is not clear. Most people suffer from a lack of clarity not volume so it can be quite frustrating for all the family if someone is missing words. This will happen to all of us at some point so there is no need to worry.

Book a hearing test as soon as you can and find out what, if anything, you need to do about it!

What are the warning signs that you may need a hearing test?
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Is the TV louder than others find comfortable?
Does it sound like people are mumbling or not pronouncing their words properly?
Are you missing what friends, family or grandchildren are saying to you?
Are you or your loved one avoiding noisy social situations or missing jokes?
At the theatre, restaurants, and social gatherings; these can be particularly difficult due to distance and background noise. This becomes very embarrassing if you have to ask people to repeat again and again.
It is almost like listening to a foreign language and it is not much fun missing out on the punch-line of a joke when everyone else is laughing. Most people smile politely and then ask someone else what was said later.
Feeling tired and stressed is common because trying to hear with a hearing loss takes a lot of concentration. Some just withdraw completely as it is too difficult. This stress is bad for your health and your loved ones if they have to repeat themselves regularly.
It could affect those who suffer from any heart or blood pressure conditions etc. It can also lead to depression and social anxiety which can reduce quality of life and cause arguments in your relationships.
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