MicroWax Suction

Earwax removal for customers in Hove

In most cases micro wax suction does not need pre-treatment with drops, however, we do recommend that you would try two days of using a product like Earol (clinically treated olive oil) which is the best preparation.

One of our audiologists can then examine your ear using a binaural microsope (either fixed or with loupes glasses), followed by the use a fine low pressure suction device they will be able to safely remove any blockage.

Additionally, using with the use of a video otoscope your audiologist is able show you evidence of the current condition of the ear before and after treatment.

Helping you hear clearly once again

Earwax is a substance that is secreted inside the outer ear canal that has cleansing, lubricating and antibacterial properties. However, build up of excess earwax may lead to loss of hearing. If you want to get rid of it in a safe and protected manner, you can count on the specialists at Select Hearing Care Limited to help. We are located in Richmond and welcome enquiries from across Hove, London, Kent, Hampshire and Sussex. For more details, speak to our team today.
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Reasons to choose micro-wax suction treatment

  • A method that is 100 percent safe
  • Widely recommended method for earwax removal
  • This method involves very little pain
  • It is safe and it is quick
  • No need to use ear drops or wax
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You can rely on our expertise

If you're planning to clean your ears, it is recommended that you use a product like Earol (clinically treated olive oil) as part of the preparation. You can count on our audiologists to examine your ear utilising a binaural microscope and then to use a low-pressure suction device to get rid of any blockage. Our team will also make use of a Video Otoscope to show you a glimpse of the current condition of your ear. If you would like more information, contact our team today.
"I received the highest level of enthusiastic service backed up by an impressive degree of expertise. My particularly challenging hearing issues were evaluated and the most appropriate hearing aids were recommended. It is reassuring to know that their mission is to provide the optimum hearing solution, which indeed I now have. I would recommend this company without hesitation." 
- Simon L

“I can actually drive my convertible MG without any wind noise and have a conversation with my wife. We are really looking forward to the summer Sunday drives and being able to have a conversation. My wife says this is a great boon for her too!”
- Mr John Burkenshaw

"I purchased hearing aids and would like to recommend their after sales service.
To balance the hearing aid levels between right and left is very tricky but with perseverance this can be achieved.
My Audiologist, Mr Paul McKay of Select Hearing Care has shown exceptional patience when adjusting the levels for each hearing aid to balance each to get the correct level. I can fully recommend Select Hearing Care service for any potential purchaser"
- Derek R. Croydon

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