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Oticon Opn™
Groundbreaking technology from Oticon literally opens up the world. Fast and precise enough to support the brain, it can analyse and follow the dynamics of the soundscape and differentiate between sounds.
By rapidly and precisely reducing disturbing noise in the constantly open environment, we can now deliver a rich, meaningful soundscape that empowers the brain to choose what to focus on and to change focus readily. This technology marks a fundamental step forward in improving speech understanding in complex environments with multiple speakers – while preserving mental energy.

Providing the brain with substantial help in noisy environments

Oticon Opn provides the brain with better conditions to perform in, enabling it to access multiple speakers without restricting access to the rest of the sound environment. This means it can more easily focus on the most interesting sounds.

This approach opens up the sound environment to make sure all elements that matter are continuously accessible. In doing so, users are able to switch attention if something important or interesting occurs, giving them more control.


less listening effort – reducing the load on the brain in noisy environments


more capacity to remember – freeing up mental resources, enabling users to recall more in noisy environments


better speech understanding – in noisy environments, without suppressing surrounding sounds through narrow directionality

One open sound experience – three levels of BrainHearing support
BrainHearing support is delivered by a unique combination of technologies working together to reduce listening effort and provide the brain with better conditions to perform in. All three members of the Opn family provide the unique open sound experience, with access to multiple speakers. However, they differ in the amount of support they give the brain in terms of rapid noise reduction, localisation of sounds, speech clarity, and the personalisation of the listening experience – i.e. they differ in the level of BrainHearing support they deliver.
Oticon Opn significantly reduces listening effort – from simple to complex listening situations
With hearing loss, the brain must work harder to make sense of sounds. New research shows a significant increase in listening effort, even in relatively simple listening environments where noise is somewhat quieter than speech. But with the speed and precision of Multiple Speaker Access Technology (MSAT), the OpenSound Navigator can reduce noise enough to significantly reduce listening effort in everyday listening environments, while at the same time delivering an open sound experience. 

OpenSound Navigator significantly narrows the gap between hearing loss and normal hearing in everyday listening environments. Consequently, across different listening environments Oticon Opn 1 will provide the most support.


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