Phonak Belong B90/B90R

Phonak Belong B90/B90R
The Phonak Audeo Belong 90 or B90 is the top of the range launched in September 2016. It supersedes the older January 2015 model, the Venture 90 or V90.

So far the Belong aids are only available in the receiver in canal shape, the Audeo. The BTE, ITE and CIC versions will be called the Bolero B90, Virto B90 and Nano B90 respectively and we will let you know here as soon as they become available.

The Phonak Belong has a number of new features described below and there is a chart at the bottom of the page so that you can compare features between the different models of the aid, the B90, B70, B50 and B30. If there’s anything you don’t understand then give us a call, we’re not a call centre and almost always have an audiologist answering the phone.

They called it the “Phonak Belong platform” because, to quote Phonak “As the name suggests, we want clients to have hearing aids that allow them to feel at one with their environment, regardless of where they are.” They are talking here about their improved automatic functionality (called AutoSense OS) which is better able to smoothly adapt to your surroundings.
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