Phonak Venture V90

Phonak Venture V90

The Phonak Audeo V90 is a Receiver In Canal Hearing aid. It contains the premium level of technology in the Audeo V range with many different programs designed to help you hear in difficult situations.

It also contains 20 sound processing channels to ensure great sound quality.

As with all the hearing aids in the range, it contains Phonak’s Binaural VoiceStream Technology which enables a stronger speech sound on one side to be streamed to both hearing aids at once. This works with some of the other programs to help you hear in difficult environments.

It contains a range of programs to enhance your hearing. These include:

Speech in Loud Noise, which makes it easier to hear speech by reducing loud background noise.
Speech in Noise, this points the directional microphones forward, helping you to hear what’s in front of you.
Comfort in Noise, reduces loud noise for better hearing comfort.
Comfort in Echo, reduces the effect of echo.
Music, designed to help you enjoy music.
Speech in Car, helps you to follow speech when someone is sitting to the side, or behind you.
Calm Situation, makes hearing more comfortable in quiet environments.


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