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Gabriel of Select Hearing Care in Sussex phone 01273272683 came out to our house in Hastings on the 19th May 2017 as arranged, performed a free hearing test and fitted one of the new Resound Linx 3D hearing aids. I previously have had NHS hearing aids for many years and despite years of investigation on the NHS (including Conquest Hospital) I was unable to properly hear the TV without using headphones, or conversations particularly when there was background noise. I also feel that Gabriel correctly diagnosed the main cause of my problem as having been 30 year old Cochlear Concussion which had not been diagnosed by the NHS.
I chose the larger 962 model with type 13 batteries due to the longer battery life and the fact it included a telecoil not included in the smaller model. I was surprised how small and comfortable this larger model was and do not need the telecoil as I can hear my existing phone with the hearing aid in place something which was a problem with the NHS hearing aids.
I also purchased the resound multi mic which Gabriel setup, this works perfectly having two functions it links to the TVs and/or can be placed in the centre of a table or clipped on someone to feed the sound directly to the hearing aid. This works brilliantly.
A mobile phone which contains the resound smart 3D (free) app is also really a must have accessory. I use the Samsung Note 4. Music held on the phone can be sent via Bluetooth directly from an apple phone to the hearing aid but this feature is not available on non apple phones. You can also locate your missing hearing aids using the phone app.
My preference is to use the restaurant mode as the normal mode, in this mode you hear better sounds that are in front. This works well for me it particular I notice that in restaurant mode with noise filter on it eliminates the computer fan noise completely whereas in all-around mode the noise filter reduces but does not eliminate this fan noise. There are also detailed sound enhancer options which allow you to modify each program in detail via the phone.
The hearing aids can also be remotely adjusted via the internet by Gabriel avoiding the need for most further visits although with the easy adjustments available via the phone app I expect to be able to tweak the settings myself.  
The main negatives are the cost and the fact that the hearing aids are not fully waterproof (showering or swimming can destroy the aids) and comprehensive insurance against accidental damage is not included with the aids.
The positives are that I can now hear the TV and conversations properly something which I have not been able to do for over 30 years.

Jeremy Jones 
I had hearing aids on trial a whole month before deciding on the ones that really helped.

Mrs Cousins
This company gave me a great personal service and was very professional throughout. They saved me over two and a half thousand pounds compared to going to the high street for the same hearing aids. They come back and see me whenever I need them and I always have the kettle on whenever they get here. I couldn’t be happier.  

Elena Turner  
“I was impressed by the friendly and efficient service from the skilled people at SELECT HEARING CARE. They supplied me with hearing aids that have the latest technology. This has changed my life. My declining ability to hear properly had isolated me from society. With the new hearing aids, I can now not only freely take part in conversations, but also hear in discussions after public lectures. I hope that many more people will take advantage this efficient service to regain their hearing abilities.”

 Professor T.Scarlett Epstein - OBE
I was standing on the seafront watching the big waves when I heard something I haven’t heard in years. As the waves finished crashing and drew back, I could hear the rattling of pebbles. It was a beautiful, nostalgic sound. I was over joyed.

Mrs Ellis 
“They let me try 2 different sets of hearing aids before I decided on which one was the best.”

Mr Burkenshaw
"I was recently fitted for hearing aids. Although sadly it has become less commonplace to provide positive feedback, I would like to make a special mention regarding Gabriel Karrouze - the audiologist who provided me with such an excellent service and I am delighted to provide a testimonial on his behalf.
It is refreshing to deal with someone who is courteous and professional and above all, knowledgeable. From the initial consultation (for which he travelled a considerable distance to fit in with my schedule), through to final adjustments and fitting, Gabriel followed through on every single one of his promises, maintained regular contact to keep me updated and consistently presented in a professional, positive and friendly manner.

Having worked for over 25 years in a service industry myself, I appreciate and understand the benefits of such good customer service.

I believe Gabriel to be a credit to this company and will highly recommend him to my colleagues and friends." 

Roger W Hilton
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